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Jeter and Ortiz: Elite Baseball Players

Every baseball players’ dream is to play the American Major League Baseball. And those who made the cut are guaranteed fame and money. However, skillful or talented as all of them are, only a few got the interest of the people and become superstars. In today’s Major League, two of them outshine the rest. Derek Jeter and David Ortiz, from two opposing teams, are some of the hottest players in baseball today.

What makes them superstars
As many people say, it is not the skills or talent that would define a person and how the public would see them, it is more of what a person would make out of his talents and skills. Using their God given talents, Derek Jeter and David Ortiz had made contributions to their respective teams that had afforded them the respect of their peers and the viewing public.

Derek Jeter has proven that he is one of the best players of his generation and the generation that comes after him. He is one of the longest players for the Yankees and holds the shortstop position from day one of his Major League game. With his dedication to his craft and loyalty, he received numerous awards and has been assigned as the Team Captain for the Yankees. In fact, he is the second highest earning player in the league to date for his $24 million a year salary and endorsements.

David Ortiz, although commands only half of what Jeter receives yearly, has proven himself a superstar for his Red Sox team. In 2004, ‘Big Papi,’ as Ortiz is fondly called by peers and fans, has played a major role for the Red Sox to win their first World Series championship in 86 years. Up to this day, his huge contribution to make that win in 2004 is still etched in the minds of baseball fans.

The shortstop and the hitter
Jeter and Ortiz are nearly of the same age. The Dominican Republic Born Ortiz is a year younger than the American born and bred Jeter. However, Jeter got drafted in 1995, two years earlier than David Ortiz.

Derek Jeter joined the New York Yankees and is assigned the position of shortstop for the team, the most dynamic defensive position in baseball. He still is playing for the New York Yankees, now serving as the Team Captain.

David Ortiz, on the other hand, has been always the designated hitter since his days with the Minnesota Twins from 1997-2002 until he left the Twins for the Boston Red Sox in 2003.