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Jaromir Jagr Memorabilia and Profile

If standing 6 feet and 3 inches, well-built body, handsome face and a killer smile were enough to call Jaromir Jagr a hottie, what makes him now being a professional ice hockey right winger? The hottest of all hotties? This Czech born ice hockey player has proven he’s not only hot in the eyes of girls; he’s extremely hot as a player on ice.

Career and Salary
Jaromir Jagr started his professional ice hockey career at the age of 16. During those early years of his career, he was considered as one of the best hockey players in Czech Republic. He was then playing and competing with the best hockey players in his country.

In 1990, he got drafted by the NHL. He was 18 years old. Pittsburgh Penguins picked him up to play for them.

Jaromir Jagr Memorabilia

Since then, Jaromir Jagr has commanded salary an average of $10 million a year.

His great hockey performances have been seen during his stay as right winger for Pittsburgh Penguins and the New York Rangers. He left New York Rangers, and subsequently the NHL, to join his hometown’s Omsk in 2008.

Best plays
Jaromir Jagr has been considered as one of the best offensive players that the NHL history has ever known. However, he never set any record in NHL as one of the top scorers, which is quite understandable since he left the NHL too soon at the age of 35.

He has been nominated five times for the MVP title. He skated off his first ever Hart Trophy as league MVP in the 1998-1999 play season. He reached his 400th goal and 1000th point during the 2000-01 NHL league.

When Jaromir Jagr started in the NHL, his superb performance on the ice earned him the #37 rank of great NHL hockey players of all time. Although he left the NHL earlier than most, his rank #37 is expected to move notches higher as the ends of negotiation for his comeback to the big league are being tied up.

Currently, there are talks that Jagomir Jagr will soon return to play at the NHL. Which team he would join, that was still undisclosed.