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Determining The Value of Rookie Cards

Collectors and investors have taken notice of the rookie card phenomenon and the interest in rookie cards has greatly escalated. Today, there are dealers around the country specializing in rookie card collectibles and business shows no signs of abating. An even more recent phenomenon of collecting minor league cards, which pre-date a rookie card, has also emerged. Additionally, card grading agencies have sprung forth to grade rookie cards for quality and collectors have begun to search out high grade rookie cards.

There are many factors that determine a rookie card's value. The most obvious is the scarcity of the card. For rookie cards published before the 1980s, supply is more limited due to smaller production runs. As card collecting became more popular, trading card companies increased the number of issues in a printing, reducing scarcity. Besides scarcity the most common determinant of a rookie cards value is its condition or grade.

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Cards are graded based on several criteria. Among these are the centering of the image on the card, the presence of gum or tobacco stains on the card and the condition of the corners of the card. Based on these (and other) factors cards are graded on a continuum. Each card is ultimately assigned a value from this continuum. All cards receive one of the following classifications: Gem Mint, Mint, Near Mint–Mint, Near Mint, Excellent-Mint, Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair or Poor.

The better on the continuum a particular rookie cards places, the more value will be attached to the card. Collectors are forever in search of a rare rookie card in gem mint condition. That classification offers the highest potential financial reward should the owner ever wish to sell and also indicates that the card has an impeccable aesthetic value so long as it is kept in pristine condition.

Rookie cards have demonstrated that they appreciate in price more dramatically than any other baseball card. For this reason the popularity of rookie cards shows no signs of waning.