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Jeter and Ortiz: Elite Baseball Players

Every baseball players’ dream is to play the American Major League Baseball. And those who made the cut are guaranteed fame and money. However, skillful or talented as all of them are, only a few got the interest of the people and become superstars. In today’s Major League, two of them outshine the rest. Derek [...]

Jaromir Jagr Memorabilia and Profile

If standing 6 feet and 3 inches, well-built body, handsome face and a killer smile were enough to call Jaromir Jagr a hottie, what makes him now being a professional ice hockey right winger? The hottest of all hotties? This Czech born ice hockey player has proven he’s not only hot in the eyes of [...]

Alex Ovechkin Memorabilia and History

Most of the best hockey players in the NHL came from Russia. The secret? It may be the country’s climate and snowy terrains or simply the love for the game on ice. Whatever the reason may be, the skills and talents of Russians in hockey playing have been proven once again by Alex Ovechkin. Alex [...]

How Did Bobbleheads Start?

Bobbleheads, the popular figurine collectibles frequently made in the likeness of baseball players, are believed to date from 19th century Europe. The first recorded reference to a bobblehead dates to 1842 when a character in a German short story is described as having a neck “like the neck of plaster cats which wag their heads.” [...]

Basics of Rookie Baseball Cards

Baseball cards, cherished by fans and collectors alike, have become hot collectible commodities since the 1980s. Baseball card collections have seen their value skyrocket and it is not uncommon to see a rare baseball card fetch hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars at open auctions. However, rookie cards have emerged as the most [...]

Tim Tebow Signed Memorabilia

Despite his significant accomplishments, Tim Tebow had never been one to rest on his laurels. He reported to the University of Florida for his junior campaign in the fall of 2008, in the best condition of his young career. Tebow was of single-minded purpose. There was only one goal for the upcoming season: another national [...]

Determining The Value of Rookie Cards

Collectors and investors have taken notice of the rookie card phenomenon and the interest in rookie cards has greatly escalated. Today, there are dealers around the country specializing in rookie card collectibles and business shows no signs of abating. An even more recent phenomenon of collecting minor league cards, which pre-date a rookie card, has [...]