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Basics of Rookie Baseball Cards

Baseball cards, cherished by fans and collectors alike, have become hot collectible commodities since the 1980s. Baseball card collections have seen their value skyrocket and it is not uncommon to see a rare baseball card fetch hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars at open auctions. However, rookie cards have emerged as the most prized possessions of collectors and investors alike.

Rookie Baseball Cards For Sale

The rookie baseball card is a card issued for a player's first year in the major leagues -- and in some circumstances even before they have arrived in the big leagues. Because of this, a rookie card is the first in the chain of cards that may be released by trading card companies for a particular player. When baseball card collecting first began in earnest, rookie cards were rarely sought-after. There was one predominant reason for this. A young player, having just arrived on the major league scene, was a relative unknown. Players typically took some years to reach their prime and begin producing significant stats.

As a result of this, the baseball cards of these major league "rookies" were often tossed aside in favor of cards of established star players. Years later, after a particular player had established himself and demand for collectibles bearing his likeness was high, collectors discovered that the rookie card was the hardest to find. Due to the law of scarcity, the rookie card became the most valuable.