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Alex Ovechkin Memorabilia and History

Most of the best hockey players in the NHL came from Russia. The secret? It may be the country’s climate and snowy terrains or simply the love for the game on ice. Whatever the reason may be, the skills and talents of Russians in hockey playing have been proven once again by Alex Ovechkin. Alex Ovechkin, from Moscow, had been offered with a deal that people dubbed as “the most valuable contract in the NHL history.” He signed for a hundred-million dollars worth of contract.

Professional Career
In 2008, barely three (3) years from playing at the NHL, Alex Ovechkin has inked a deal that guarantees his professional hockey career thirteen (13) more years and $124 million dollars salary. No other NHL players have entered into such an extensive agreement as of late.

The historic contract is attributed to the fact that Alex Ovechkin has made a historic record for the NHL, as well. At the age of 23, Ovechkin has already skated off four major NHL awards: the Calder Memorial Trophy in 2005-06 season, Rocket Richard and Art Ross Trophies and Hart Memorial Trophy in 2007-08 season. No other hockey player took home four major NHL awards.

Alex Ovechkin Memorabilia

Early Career
Alex Ovechkin may have come from Moscow, but with his family’s gift for sports, it is not hard to imagine the Ovechkins as descendants of the strong and agile Greeks. His father played football (soccer) on a professional level while his mother was an Olympic gold medalist (for basketball). Indeed, Ovechkin was born to be an athlete.

Although Alex Ovechkin has the blood and environment that make a great athlete, still, it is his determination to succeed that has made him one of the best left-winger of the history of NHL.

He was passionate about hockey since his parents could remember. When he picked up a hockey stick and a helmet when he was two, his parents knew by then that Alex Ovechkin would have a long and strong relationship with the game on ice. His skills and talent were evident as early as 10 years old.

It is of no wonder, therefore, that at the age of 19, he was the first overall draft choice amongst the many equally talented and skilled hockey players during the 2004 NHL draft.